Wearing Your Personality Pieces

Investing in personality pieces is just as important as investing in wardrobe staples.

At the end of last month we talked aboutΒ What to Wear to a Job Interview, Spring 2017. This time we’re using the same base from that smart-casual look to show you how personality pieces can change your whole image with something as simple as a jacket swap.

Last week:


What are personality pieces? They are the key items in your wardrobe that you feel your absolute best in and they’re the ones you often find yourself reaching for. Personality pieces have a magic way of helping you clearly communicate what you’re about and help you show off the best parts to your personality. Personality pieces are the ones that really show off your style.

These pieces are crucial to having a wardrobe that excites you and makes you feel good about yourself. There is no limit to what a personality piece is, as long as you can wear it, it definitely counts.

To prove our point we asked our stylist Anna Kate to pick two things to make a work outfit more ‘her.’

This week:

Anna Kate’s response: I just couldn’t go past my most extreme pair of sunglasses. I know they’re pretty out there but I just love the fact that they’re pink and shiny! Whenever I put them on I feel like they take any look to the next level and that gives me more confidence in myself. Admittedly I will choose pieces that are perhaps more confident than how I feel at the time, knowing that in an hour or so of wearing whatever it is, I’ll feel just as confident as I look.

As for the jacket, this one is my ‘cool’ piece at the moment. Cool in terms of the fabric but mostly cause it’s kind of a denim jacket but not. I love the boxy shape combined with the cropped length and the embroidered details. It always makes me feel great when I wear it, it’s effortless and an easy to match colour.

My wardrobe has personality pieces littered throughout it, if I’m not able to wear at least one piece each day I just wouldn’t feel like myself!


If your wardrobe doesn’t excite you when you look at it, or if you’re not sure what your personality pieces are we would love to make a time to chat about how our Personal Styling services can help you. The first consultation is FREE!
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Wearing: Leo + Be jacket (click here to purchase), Glassons top, Country Road chinos and Le Specs sunglasses.

On Location: Newmarket

Photography: Charlotte Turner