What to Wear to a Job Interview // Spring 17

Job interviews can be intimidating enough, let alone choosing the right outfit for one. In this post we’ve got another job interview outfit to give you some easy inspiration as well as a few styling tips to nail that outfit and therefore the interview.

Regardless of what time of year it is, it’s never too late to be thinking about upgrading your current job or changing your career path entirely.

Change is [almost] as good as a holiday so if you’re in the space where you just need something new, a change of job could be what you need.

We’ve been covering this topic for a little while now, starting with Summer 2016, Summer 2017 and Winter 2017. Now it’s time for the Spring 17 edition.

For this outfit it’s all about simplicity because a great outfit can be simple, comfortable and effortlessly cool all at once. Keep scrolling for the outfit and styling tips!

Job Interview Spring

Job Interview Spring

Job Interview Spring

Job Interview Spring

Job Interview Spring

Styling Tips

// Choose a tailored jacket. It doesn’t have to be a blazer, but you’ll need something with sharp lines even if it’s in a relaxed fabric. A jacket is one of the key pieces to completing any look, in this case the jacket makes an otherwise simple outfit really stand out.

// Let your jeans sit this one out. Jeans are arguably the backbone of every wardrobe and they’re possibly the most on-trend fashion piece right now. However, they’ll always make your outfit look more casual and at a time where you want to make an impact a swap out for chinos could be a better alternative. A pair of 100% cotton chinos are perfect for this time of year too and they look super cool with a denim jacket and classic cotton tee if you want to get more wear out of them.

// Wear a personality piece. A what? A personality piece, something that you really feel communicates you. In this case Anna Kate picked her favourite Saben Necklace. It’s a little bold and in her favourite colour. We recommend having one or two personality pieces to every outfit, that way you’ll always fee like you’re you and other people will be able to recognise that.

// Can’t go wrong with white shoes. Shoes play a similar role to a jacket, perhaps with a little more influence on the whole look. While sneakers wouldn’t work for the majority of interviews, Brogues will have you sorted. Key tip: whatever shoes you wear, make sure they’re as clean and tidy as possible. Employers notice shoes.

// If you’ve got long enough hair, tie it up. Okay this tip is a little more of a ‘take it or leave it’ type, but if you’re one who likes to keep to minimal hair fuss, we recommend tying it nicely out of your face. Hair is another one of those key places your potential employer will assess when they first meet you. By tying your hair up, it means that if the weather changes you’ll still be looking tidy.

Wearing: Country Road Jacket (purchased recently at the Dressmart Outlet), Glassons top, Country Road chinos, Merchant shoes and Saben Necklace.

On Location: Nuffield Street

Photography: Charlotte Turner