When it comes to Spring fashion it’s all about the light bright and colourful. For this series we’re going to show you how to style a pair of Palazzo Pants. We’ll give you all the styling details, helping you realise why you should get a pair too.

Palazzo Pants are loose fitting trousers which flare out from the waist. They are great for Spring and Summer as they typically come in light floaty fabrics. They also help to create shape around your waist no matter what kind of waist you have. 
One of the keys to mastering this style is to get the perfect length. You need to think about what footwear you’ll be wearing with them most often to get the hem right. We found this beautiful pink pair at Zara, Sylvia Park a few weeks back. What attracted us to this pair was the colour and beautiful side paneling. Both of these factors are perfect for showing the feminine side while still being practical.
Anyway, we’re kicking off look one with a casual, transitional look that will work for the current climate. The key to Spring dressing this time of year is to mix up layer types. Something floaty/light-weight, something a bit heavier and a jacket for warmth.. It’s also time to start thinking colour. What do you already have in your wardrobe than can match your new buy? What colours do you feel 10/10 in?

Keep scrolling for the first look.

Off Duty

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants


Styling Tips:

// Start simple! Time to pull out all your neutrals and wear them with the pants while you get a good feel for them
// A bang-on-ankle length hem will work well and look flattering on any height
// Make sure jackets finish at your waist or below your hips so you don’t swamp your silhouette
// Easily match colours by choosing ones with the same tones (think bright or muted)
// Make sure your tops finish at the waist or tuck them in to give your silhouette more shape



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Wearing: Leo+Be jacket, Forever New crop top, Zara pants, Converse

On Location: Cornwall Park

Photography: Charlotte Turner