New Year’s Party Dressing

As things are creeping towards the last day of 2017, we’re getting ready to celebrate in style with our loved ones. Whether or not you’re having a low-key celebration, we’ve got a few outfit tips for Him and Her to help you nail your outfit and feel your best.

If there’s one time to ditch the classic black suit and little black dress, it’s definitely a New Years party. Sure, you can’t go wrong with a classic but there’s nothing quite as powerful as wearing a coloured outfit that makes you feel 10 feet tall and bulletproof.

The only trick to picking the right colour is to find one that really excites you and use it as the base to your whole look.

Once you’ve sorted that part, picking the right accessories is pretty easy as you know exactly what to match. Our top shopping tips for that (if you’re shopping for things on separate occasions) is to take the dress/tux piece with you so you can get an accurate reading of how all your pieces will work together. There is absolutely no shame in bringing in any of your wardrobe pieces to any store if you’re wanting to get a good match to them! In fact, it’s something we encourage our clients to do. That way you’ll be able to play with different styles and colours to get a better idea of what works.

Anyway, after that tangent, scroll down to see the party looks!

Party Dressing

Party Dressing

Party Dressing

Party Dressing

Party Dressing

Party Dressing

Styling Tips:

// Dresses with natural waistlines are instantly and easily flattering for most body shapes.

// If in doubt with what colour to go for, choose your colour to wear based on skin tone (warm or cool).

// Guys, when it comes to mastering your suit jacket, always do up the top button and leave the bottom one un-done (click here for more detail)

// Match your belt and shoe colour – non negotiable!

// Girls, match your accessories by tone (note, we went for white and silver) for something a little different than a perfect match.

// Guys, choose a smart but fun pair of socks to add more of your personality to the outfit.

// Trend pieces are always fun at these events. Right now we’re loving pleats and the oh so popular millennial pink.

// Make sure your shoes are polished and ready before the day of your party. Shoes are one of the key pieces that can make or break your whole look!


For a little more detail on colour theory, you can click here or get in touch with us via the contact form below. We offer colour consultations as part of our styling services and if you mention this post you’ll get 20% off until the end of January 2018!


Anna Kate wears: Country Road dress (past season), Pandora bracelet, Lovisa earrings, Famous Footwear heels, Bag thrifted

Matt wears: Barkers suit shirt and socks, Merchant shoes.

On Location: Ponsonby

Photography: Charlotte Turner.

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