Easy Christmas Party Outfits

Christmas parties seem to be the kind of events that can trigger an absolute blank when deciding what to wear. In this post, we’re covering an outfit idea for Her and Him including a few styling tips to equip you with ideas for your next Christmas Party!


Let’s be honest, deciding what to wear for your work Christmas Party or partner’s party can be pretty hard.

“How dressed up will everyone else be? What colour should I wear? Do I need to be ready for an after party as well? How formal is it? What is the venue like?”

And that is possibly just some of the questions that float through many people’s head while getting ready!

However, we encourage you not to over-think it. Easier said than done of course but you just can’t ever go wrong with a fresh spin on a classic outfit.

Scroll down to see both looks.


Styling Tips:

// Choose white over black. Most of you ladies will already have your trusty LBD, but for something just as easy to pull off with a bit of difference get yourself the alternate version. In this case, Anna Kate wears a simple white dress with an empire line, scoop neck and a touch of crochet detailing. The length isn’t too long or short and the fabric has a bit of stretch to it which allows extra room for indulging over silly season.

// For guys it’s the perfect occasion to wear a print you don’t usually wear (leave the checks for the office). Christmas parties are the right place for being more adventurous with your style, so just go for it! Matt’s shirt also mimics the detailing on Anna Kate’s dress and has a bit of colour to add more interest. Long sleeve shirts are always the better choice as they are more formal.

// Ladies, depending on how long you will be spending at the party you will want to choose your heel type accordingly. We went for the safe option on Anna Kate so she is ready for a long night of socialising and dancing – better safe than hobbling home on blistered feet!

// If you’re thinking about jeans for the occasion make sure they are finished in a clean manner. Matt wears a pair from Route 66 in Newmarket which has a waxy coating on them. Perfect for making them something more exciting than a basic black jean.

// This is another classic scenario where you should have your hair looking tidy. Two key points to note; hair down will always look more casual and hair up will always look more formal (yes that even includes pony tails!). Guys, you can have more fun with your hair as office rules don’t apply at a party.

// Guys, leave the black shoes for work. Brown shoes make a nice change and are more seasonally appropriate. Note, they match all colours well except grey. Matt’s are finished with a thin black lace for a point of difference.

On that note, if you’re stuck for ideas on what to wear don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We’re available by email (use the form at the bottom of this post), Facebook and Instagram and we are happy to chat all things style!


Anna Wears: Forever New dress, Merchant shoes and clutch, Mi Piaci bangle and Lovisa earrings.

Matt Wears: Zara shirt, Route 66 jeans, Merchant shoes.

On Location: Ponsonby

Photography: Charlotte Turner

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